The Need is Great This Month – And You Can Help

semeritaWith the holidays upon us, many families feel the financial stress of gift giving, holiday travel and special family activities. For a family facing a child’s catastrophic illness, the added financial stress of the holidays  – on top of their medical crisis – can be overwhelming, exhausting, frightening and serious.

That’s where the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation steps in.

December is  a month when we receive  many urgent requests to assist struggling single parent families of catastrophically ill children. This year the need is greater than ever. As of December 14, we have received requests to help 19 families — twice as many as we assist in an entire “regular” month — and we do not want to turn any away.   You can help us help these families with a gift of financial support of any level.

Our mission is to keep the single parent at the bedside of the seriously ill child. We achieve this by paying urgent expenses when all other resources are exhausted.  This month social workers are asking us to help with rent payments, car payments, gas cards, car insurance and groceries.  These requests come on behalf of families who travel hundreds of miles to get to the hospital, exhaust their life savings, and take unpaid leave from work, all so that they can seek and receive lifesaving medical treatment for their child.

lopezA quick look at our family assistance “in box” shows social workers contacting us from hospitals in Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Florida, Ohio and California. All requests are on behalf families in great need.  Our goal is to help all who need it,  even if we cannot meet the full amount of the request.

So far this December, we have aided 19 struggling single parent families whose children are terminally or seriously ill. We have made payments to vendors:

For the T. family, $850 in rent.

For the K. family, $450 in car payments and $900 for rent to avoid eviction.

For the H. family, $1086 in auto repair so that the family could get to the hospital (a compassionate auto repair firm owner reduced the bill by $200.)

For the G.  family, $209.23 to pay the electric bill so the power would not be cut off.

For the R. family, $411.25 in auto payments to keep the car from being repossessed, in addition to an electric bill and gift card for Mom to buy household essentials.

Plus rent for an additional 12 families, car payments for another family,  and a gift card of $200 for a family who needs groceries.

spurgeon1Please consider a gift of financial support today to help a struggling single parent family in need. You can help keep a family together during the child’s serious illness, relieve their financial burdens, and ensure that the parent can provide comfort, support and the advocacy that the child needs.

By caring for the caregiver we care for the child. It is our privilege to help, and we thank you for making this urgent assistance possible.

Please give as you are able, knowing that 100% of your gift will go to payments made directly to vendors (landlords, utility companies, insurance companies, gift cards and the like.) The Foundation pays for all administrative costs and overhead from our endowment. The endowment was established with a gift from Valerie Sobel, Andre’s mother, when she launched the Foundation in 2000.