Motivational Speaking

Valerie Sobel is available for motivational speaking.

In addition to establishing the ASRL Foundation, Valerie is available to speak to your organization and provide motivation and inspiration on a wide variety of issues. She speaks openly about how one women survived the loss of a child, a husband and a mother in one year; How she feels gratitude and is humbled by finding a resiliency that she never supposed she had– what she has done with it and what she has learned to believe in and trust. Valerie can also discuss how you can find your own mission,
create your own foundation, serve one or work for one.



Please contact our office for further information at :
(310) 276-7111  or
All honorarium fees associated with Ms Sobel’s speaking goes directly to support the
Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation’s critical work.

More about Valerie here, Valerie's Art Site