Light A Candle


We are delighted to provide you with the ability to link to a magical site that allows you to cross a threshold into a time-honored ceremony whenever you need it.


The lighting of a candle has been a ritual for blessing and lifting up those we love, as well as ourselves in prayer and meditation.

It is your intention that can transform this cyber observance into a sacred ritual and alter where you stand into a Cyber Chapel.

Light A Candle    is a portal to peace and to create with the act of your will the highest good for those that you pray for.

Wash what you most fear with the light and acceptance of what cannot be changed becomes possible.

Right here and now you can seek union with the spiritual power of your creator by any name: GOD or ALLAH, the SOURCE, YAHWEH or BRAHMA, the TAO or the GREAT SPIRIT.

Khalil Gibran said, “I love you my brother (or sister) whether you are used to kneeling in your church, worshipping in your synagogue or praying in your mosque.”

Convert this time and place into your chapel or your forest, a waterfall or a meadow or wherever you are used to being: STILL and KNOW. 

With all love,

Andre’s Mother