I am Andre’s mother


Dearest Supporters and Families,

The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation has provided over $4 million in assistance to families over the past fifteen years, with each payment given in a 24 hour turnaround time. Our highest intention is to help single parents of catastrophically ill children quickly, effectively and without humiliation or red tape.  Our endowment, along with your support, has allowed this open handed giving.  Please know that our endowment covers our administrative costs and overhead, allowing your funds to go directly to families.

If you are a struggling single parent family whose only wish is to stay at the bedside of your seriously ill child, but you face serious financial challenges in order to do so , we hope you will have your social worker contact us to see if you qualify for assistance.

If you are a donor who is moved by the plight of single parent families whose only wish is to spend time with their child without causing financial devastation to the family, send us a check, and our promise to you is that it will end in the right hands in the quickest time that we can turn it around – 24 hours.  We will also send you a case assistance report of families recently assisted (with personally identifying information removed), so that you will know your gift is put to immediate use.

Thank you for supporting our unique mission – providing immediate assistance in 24 hours to single parent families  “when compassion can’t wait.”

With gratitude from all of us at the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation,

Valerie Sobel