From the Families

“Hello! I just wanted to say thank you! Your generosity has enabled me to help my family in so many ways. I’m a single mom and it has been very difficult since my youngest daughter was diagnosed with two diseases (yes! 2). With the hospital social workers help and the quick generosity of the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation my family was able to survive a few more months. Words can never express how thankful we are for your foundations help. We had been asking for help from our own community and we were turned down by all of them for various financial reasons.Mrs. Sobel not only rescued us, she did so in a very short amount of time. She answered our prayers sooner than anyone else returned our call. Again thank you for everything!”

      ~ Misty Johnson 

 “I can’t tell you what it means to our family to have received your support. The mortgage payment and grocery money were a welcome breather and will go a long way in helping us scramble to our feet again financially.” 

      ~William M. Torres

“I just wanted to tell you that you are a Godsend from heaven. I did not know what I was going to do being a single-parent and all…Then I received word that you Foundation would help with three months of rent on my Small Automotive Shop, House rent, and all phone bill. Oh it was just a relief in so much stress, and I could focus more on helping Katie through her recovery.”

      ~ Damon Dotson 

 “I can tell you that our son Simon has benefited greatly. Without the assistance you pledged and provided I would not have able to spend the time that I have had with him, I would not be able to speak on his behalf, and be the advocate as I have been for him, you made all the difference.”

      ~ Danny Meyer 

“If it wasn’t for a foundation like yours, our family could easily been without a home.”

      ~ Joy J. Hunell 

 “We have come a long way…the Andre Sobel River of Life has played a big part in keeping CJ and I together. So if we ever reached the point where we have nothing left we will remember we have it all and that is life with each other.”

      ~ Cassie Sargent 

 “ To have one less burden now certainly brightened my day.”

      ~ Debby Bates 

“You remind us all of the importance of giving and caring and of turning dark into light, replacing a tear with a temporary smile, lightening someone’s, load and all the time having these measures trickle down somehow to directly benefit a child.”

      ~ From the father of Simon

 “I have been humbled by the generosity of others but it has made me stronger.”

      ~ From the mother of Ellis