Case Assistance Reports

Thank you for caring about the families that ASRL assists.  Your support helps bridge the financial and medical crisis for a family in need.  Although we cannot cure the child, with our finanical assistance we can soften the family's journey. 

Assistance Provided

How ASRL Helped this Single Parent Family of a Catasrophically Ill Child

Social Worker



Gift Cards 

$414 new bedding

Three-year-old M. is hospitalized for a stem cell transplant in treatment for her rare childhood cancer.  She has five older brothers and sisters, and her parents are currently divorcing due, in part, to the strain of M.’s illness and the financial distress to the family. Mother has quit her job to stay full-time with M. and anticipates moving to a new home after her daughter is discharged from the hospital. She has requested support with supplying new bedding and comfort items for M. in anticipation of her return home.  ASRL is honored to help this family welcome their little girl back home.


 Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, MI



Rent assistance

Sixteen-year-old E. has had a tough journey since his diagnosis five months ago with Stage III Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system.  Following his initial inpatient treatment, he has had five unplanned hospital admissions, and is now hospitalized in anticipation of an upcoming surgery. The round-trip drive from his family’s home is 175 miles, a route he and his single mother know all too well.  E’s mother has now lost her job due to her attention to her son’s health crisis, and anticipates more time at Dana Farber until her son stabilizes. While the hospital can assist with gas and grocery cards to support the family, the social worker turned to ASRL because of our flexibility in responding to a family’s greatest need, in this case, to catch them up on rent.  ASRL stepped in to pay the rent so that Mom can focus on her son’s surgery and recovery.


Dana Farber Cancer and Blood Disorder Center, Boston, MA  




N. is six months old, and was born with neuroblastoma, a cancer that forms in certain types of nerve tissue.  His mother has stayed at his bedside since his birth, and has been unable to work. Mom receives some financial support from her own mother and has applied for government supports, but that is pending. In the meantime, the family is reaching a financial crisis and needs assistance to keep their housing stable. The family’s social worker contacted ASRL to request assistance for rent, and ASRL quickly contacted the landlord to make the payment.  


Connecticut Children’s Hospital,

Hartford, CT




Past due rent  

Just two months ago, ten-year-old S. was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), and is currently hospitalized for treatment. Her single mother is not employed so that she can be with S., and her father is deceased. Besides food stamps (Temporary Aid to Needy Families – TANF) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) there is no other income.  The stress of the cancer diagnosis has put financial stress on the family and Mom is now two months behind on rent. ASRL was asked to join other assistance organizations to support the family during this time of crisis, and ASRL responded by catching the family up on their overdue rent so that Mom can focus on her daughter’s healing.  


Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital,

St. Louis, MO  



Gift cards for Household items and prepared foods

T., age 8, is in active treatment for a diagnosis of metastasized sacral germ tumor with metastases to the lungs and bones. It’s been a tough journey for her, with multiple complications from the chemotherapy, bacterial infections and multiple surgeries. It is expected that she will be in active treatment for at least four more months, spending several days or the entire week at the hospital. Her mother has used up her Family and Medical Leave Act time off (FMLA) and now is not working so that she can be with T. 24/7. The social worker let ASRL know that the M. family would greatly from gift cards to purchase household items and prepared foods, and ASRL sent the cards to provide everyday needs support for the family. 


Memorial Sloan Kettering,

New York, NY



For household needs

Two-year-old A. was born with Trisomy 18, a genetic defect that can cause heart defects and small body size; she has survived longer than anticipated but needs very attentive care. Because of her fragile medical condition and the risk of getting respiratory infections, the hospital has recommended that she be cared for by her mother at home rather than in day care with other children. The social worker requested help for household needs such as groceries and pharmacy items. ASRL responded with gift cards sent directly to the family.   


Children’s Hospital of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN



Rent payment

S., age 7, recently suffered a relapse, and has just re-started chemotherapy for an optic glioma that was originally diagnosed in 2014. His mother, who goes to school part-time to be a nurse, is juggling caring for her other child, with driving S. to his medical appointments and being with him as much as possible. S.’s setback has caused unanticipated travel costs for the family, and they are at risk of falling behind on their rent.  ASRL stepped in to pay their current rent so that Mom can keep the family’s housing stable while she commutes to the hospital to be with S. during this new round of chemotherapy.     


Ventura County Medical Center,

Ventura, CA




When Z.’s pediatric social worker contacted ASRL, six-year-old Z. was in end-of-life hospice care at home after a two-year battle with a brain tumor.  His mother was with him 24/7. Because the parents had separated and dad had moved to a different state, he was providing no financial or emotional support. To care for Z. and seek life-saving treatments in hopes of curing him, the family had depleted all their financial resources.  Mom had moved in with relatives to save on expenses, but still paid $500 in rent to help with household costs. The hospital social worker reached out to request financial assistance, in hopes of somehow softening the burden for this family in crisis.  ASRL quickly responded to support this family during the final days of their young son’s life.


AFLAC Children’s Cancer Center,

Atlanta, GA




C. is a three-year-old ALL patient in active treatment.  Since his diagnosis, C.’s mother has stopped working to stay at his bedside, and now has moved her children in with extended family to save on expenses while sharing household costs.  The rent is soon due, and the hospital social worker reached out to ASRL to request rental assistance to keep the family’s housing stable during C.’s treatment.  


Palmetto Health Richland Hospital Children’s, Columbia, SC




A has been diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma (a cancer of the cells that develop from connective tissues in the body such as muscles, fat or the lining of blood vessels). His family is facing difficult times financially as they travel to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital for A.’s surgery, and back to their home in Las Vegas for chemotherapy.  The pediatric social worker contacted ASRL to request assistance with rent as the family transitions between the two communities for A.’s care. ASRL joined other organizations in helping to pay for the family’s urgent everyday needs.   



Loma Linda Children’s Hospital,

Loma Linda, CA



Security deposit

Four-year-old R. is a leukemia patient (ALL) and is in active treatment with chemotherapy. Due to the stress of his diagnosis, his parents have recently separated, though they both remain committed to supporting his medical care and they continue to co-parent.  Mom left her job when R. was diagnosed and is moving to a new apartment; she requested assistance with the final amount need to make the deposit on her new apartment (she has raised over $1,700 herself.)  ASRL assisted so that the parents each can have stable living situations while they continue to co-parent and support R. during his illness.


Loma Linda Children’s Hospital,

Loma Linda, CA




Two-year-old K. has recently received a stem cell transplant for the treatment of an extremely rare type of genetic immunodeficiency. She received the transplant in the fall of 2016, and has had complications and several hospitalizations since then; nonetheless she continues to fight this life-threatening disease. She was transferred to Boston Children’s Hospital for isolation for the next year in hopes of ensuring a healthy recovery.  Her single mother, who adopted K. at birth, opted to leave her professional job in October of 2015 to care for K. full-time; the result is that she will soon exhaust her savings and retirement account to support herself and K. She has received assistance from other hospital resources, and has applied for government support and subsidized housing. The pediatric social worker contacted ASRL to request grant assistance to support K. and her mother while they wait for government funding to begin.  ASRL responded immediately to pay the rent for this family while K. recovers from her stem cell transplant.



Dana Farber Cancer and Blood Disorders Institute/

Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA  




Brothers N. and J. both have severe hemophilia and require ongoing medical treatment. Their father is the primary financial supporter of the family (there are 4 other siblings) but he recently left the family and discontinued his financial support. As the boys’ mother works out the legal issues associated with obtaining child support, the family has fallen behind on its utility payments. ASRL joined a hemophilia organization to provide support for the family in response to an urgent request from the hospital social worker.


Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, MI



Rent assistance



At age 13, T. is a cancer patient and the middle child of three children of a single mother.  Mom reached out to ASRL via her social worker to request support as she has fallen behind on her rent and utilities. T. is being treated for B-cell ALL, and his mother is vigilant in making sure that he is at the clinic for all his infusions, procedures and follow up appointments with his team of three doctors.  ASRL was honored to support this struggling family by paying their rent so that Mom can focus on her son’s plan for ongoing care.



Sutter Medical Center

Stockton, CA



Utility bills 


M., age 2, was born with Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), a devastating bowel disease occurring mostly in premature infants; treatment can require multiple organ transplants, as in M.’s case.This fragile little boy is currently hospitalized due to multiple complications including infections and organ rejection. He is unable to eat by mouth. The family is facing severe financial hardship:  his father is deceased, and his mother who was previously employed full time with benefits lost her job due to absences so that she could be at M.’s side. The grandparents live on a very limited income and are unable to help; Mom has depleted her savings. The hospital social worker reached out to ASRL requesting any assistance available toward their overdue household bills.  ASRL stepped in quickly to pay the utility bills and relieve some of this family’s immediate stress.


New York Presbyterian, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital,




Electric Bill

Last fall, K, age 10, was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma of the cerebellum (a malignant brain tumor) and was hospitalized for six months after his diagnosis. He now has multiple clinic visits weekly for ongoing care.  His condition has severely affected K.’s mobility and overall functioning, and he uses a wheelchair. When K. was diagnosed, his single mother left her job to be with him in the hospital, and is now overdue on her monthly bills.  She has applied for SSI and food stamps, and until those are activated, the family needs financial assistance to make ends meet.  ASRL paid the overdue electric bill to help keep the family’s home functioning and prevent the power from being shut off.


UC Davis Hospital

Davis, CA


$309 – Electric bill

$77 – Gas bill

$65 – Water bill

Baby T., age 2, was diagnosed with a malignant germ cell tumor in December of 2016; she is the youngest of four children.  Her dad is not currently employed.  To care for her full time during her treatment, Mom has taken a leave of absence from her job at a truck stop, leaving her family with income limited to food stamps and SSI. The family’s hospital social worker requested aid from ASRL to catch the family up on their utility payments, while another nonprofit paid for their rent. Mom is now able to be with T. during her hospitalizations knowing that the family’s housing and utilities are stabilized.


Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital,

St. Louis, MO



$300 – Prep for junior prom!  

$560 – Rent

16-year old A. is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and her mother is caring for her full time.  The family’s only source of income is A.’s older sister’s income which she shares with the family as she is able.  Mom has applied for disability benefits, but in the meantime, the family is behind on their rent payments. Also, A. is looking forward to attending her junior prom, and needs assistance with purchasing accessories and a wig so that she can dress up, style her hair, and enjoy the event. ASRL was honored to pay the family’s rent and help A. feel very special as she joins her classmates at the prom.  


East Carolinia University/

Vidant Medical Center

Greenville, NC


$135 – Electric bill

$520 – Rent

Once her daughter reached 18 months old, single mom B. went back to work. Sadly, just two weeks later, her daughter, also B., was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that forms in certain types of nerve tissues.  Mom quit her job to devote herself to the full-time care of her young daughter during her treatments while arranging care for her older child. Without an income, she fell behind on her everyday expenses, including her utilities and rent. The social worker contacted ASRL along with other charities, and ASRL quickly stepped in to keep this family stable. 


Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital,

St. Louis, MO




Rent + Catch up on unpaid rent

Three years ago, A, age 9 was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). He was recently hospitalized due to contracting pneumonia, and is now in active treatment. His family – a single mother and older brother – lived in a trailer that was found to have mold, so the family moved to a new trailer. Although they had the funds to make the security deposit, mom had to stop working because she needed to be with A; the family’s income has now dropped. Due to A.s’ condition, the landlord is generously allowing the family to live in the trailer until they are able to secure the resources to pay the rent. ASRL was contacted by the social worker seeking assistance to help stabilize the family’s housing, and we immediately provided funding for the past due and upcoming rent.


UNC Medical Center, Chapel Hill, NC




In 2011, E. was diagnosed with an optic pathway brain tumor; he completed a course of treatment in 2012, and had been cancer-free until 2016.  Recently, a scan revealed that had tumor had progressed, and he now visits the clinic weekly for chemotherapy. Mom works full-time to support her family, but by taking time off weekly, her income is diminished and the family is in financial distress.  ASRL was contacted by the family’s social worker who requested this one-time payment to help E. and his mom bridge this time that is stressful both medically and financially. 


Cook Children’s Hospital,

Fort Worth, TX


$279 Overdue phone bill


Water bill

L. age 13, was diagnosed with ALL in March 2017, and is currently inpatient for his treatment. L.’s mom moved in with family close to the hospital so that she can remain with and near her son during his treatment, but by moving away from home, she also gave up her waitressing job – her only source of income. Working with her social worker, Mom has applied for SSI, but until it comes through, she needs assistance with her portion of household bills. ASRL was quick to respond by making the utility payments to reduce the financial stressors on this family.


Cook Children’s Medical Center,

Fort Worth, TX




Eight-year-old M. has just been released from the hospital after five months of inpatient treatment and two months of rehabilitation after she suffered a relapse of cancer in 2016. Her treatment included a single cord stem cell transplant, followed by many medical complications (severe respiratory failure, multiple infections) as she recovered from the transplant.  Her single mother is raising four children, and stopped work to commute to the hospital while caring for her other children during M.’s seven-month treatment. Mom has struggled to make ends meet financially and is now searching for a less expensive apartment; meanwhile, her social worker reached out to ASRL on her behalf to request rental assistance. 


University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital, Chicago, IL



car repair

Sixteen-year-old S. has cystic fibrosis, a genetic condition that causes persistent lung infections and diminished ability to breathe over time. Due to her fragile condition, S. is admitted to the hospital every 1-2 months for inpatient treatment, usually lasting 10-14 days.  S. lives with her grandmother who is her sole caregiver and provides for the family by working full time. Thus, when S. is sick, grandmother takes time off from work to be with her in the hospital.  During a recent and especially lengthy inpatient stay, the grandmother’s car needed repairs; ASRL stepped in to assist with paying for the repairs so that the family maintained its transportation to and from the hospital.


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, OH



property tax bill

D., age 10, was diagnosed with leukemia in January of 2016, and after a year of intensive treatment, she is now medically stable and returned to school in January of 2017. She continues to have weekly follow up care at the hospital clinic.  During D.’s illness, D.’s single mother did not work so that she could be at her daughter’s bedside, and just recently has returned to work part-time. While Mom helps to re-stabilize the family and its income (Mom and two children live with the grandmother and share expenses), the property tax bill is due and the family does not have the funds to pay for it. The hospital social worker reached out to ASRL to request urgent support for this payment, and ASRL was pleased to assist, helping the family to return to a “new normal” of financial and medical stability.


Cook Children’s Hospital, Fort Worth, TX


Rent – $300

Utilities – $400

Household Needs – $100 

Teenage A. was diagnosed with B Cell ALL in December of 2015.  Three months ago, his single mother and two siblings moved with A. to be closer to the hospital to make A’s follow-up treatments and clinic visits easier.  Due to their move, Mom is not currently working, and the family finances are strained. To help keep Mom’s focus on her son and to stabilize the family, ASLR caught the family up on its rent and utility payments.


Maynard Children’s Hospital at Vidant Medical Center, Greenville, NC




S., age 2, was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma, a cancer that forms in certain types of nerve tissue. He has had surgery, seven rounds of chemo, and is now being prepared for a stem cell transplant because the surgery was not able to remove all of the cancer.  His single mother is not working so that she can be with him and care for her older child, and the family has fallen behind on its rent, utilities and other household needs. The social worker reached out to ASRL to request assistance, and ASRL responded quickly by paying the rent to keep the family in their home. 


Women and Children’s Hospital,

Lafayette LA



Down payment on new apartment

C, age 20 months, was born with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease (SCID) a very rare genetic condition affecting only 50-100 children each year in the U.S.  Children born with SCID have no working immune system; this condition is also referred to as “Boy in the Bubble” disease, as the condition was made famous by a movie about a boy who grew up living in a bubble to protect him from bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.  C. lived for over 500 days in isolation in the hospital with her mother at her side, and endured two bone marrow transplants – her best hope for a long-term cure.  She and Mom then moved to a family-centered hospitality house affiliated with the hospital.  Good news! C. has been cleared by her doctors to leave the hospitality house with mom and move to a new apartment – their first home together.  Mom’s partner is employed and supports this family of four on quite modest wages + SSI.  Due to the financial strain of C.’s illness, the family lacks adequate savings, and their social worker reached out to ASRL to request assistance with a down-payment on the new apartment. ASRL was honored to supply funding to help this family celebrate C.’s good health and the start of life together in their new home.


Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO



Rent + household expenses

V. is 17 years old, was diagnosed with high risk ALL in 2012, and completed treatment in 2014.  During treatment, she suffered a stroke; she recently relapsed and has re-started chemotherapy.  The emotional and financial stress of V.’s health has put additional stressors on the family, and they have fallen behind on rent. They also have requested assistance with other household expenses.  Working with the family’s social work, ASRL paid $750 toward rent and provided additional funding for the family to catch up on other overdue bills. 


University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital, Albuquerque, NM



Past due rent

Four-year-old J. has suffered multiple complications from his metastatic Wilm’s Tumor, and was recently hospitalized due to a relapse. His father is incarcerated and not able to support the family. Mom is very hard-working and does everything she can to keep the family stable, but with J.’s recent hospitalization, she has had to cut back on her hours at work. The hospital’s pediatric social worker contacted ASRL to request assistance for past due rent to keep the family stable. ASRL was honored to help J., his mom and brother during J.’s treatment. 


UNC Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC


$750 – Mortgage

$397 – Car payment

ASRL has assisted 17-year-old H.’s family in the past when her complex medical situation has required frequent hospitalization (H. has a rare neuromuscular condition with multiple complications.) H. has been hospitalized again recently, causing severe financial distress for the family because Mom took another FMLA leave (unpaid) to stay with H. in the hospital.  Dad has several disabilities and is unable to work, and the family has fallen behind on its mortgage payments and car payment.  ASRL stepped in to bridge this family’s combined medical and financial crises.   


University Hospital,

Cleveland OH





Car payment

Ten-year-old Q. was outside playing with his friends in early April 2017, when he suffered a severe headache and seizure. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a right intracranial hemorrhage, or bleeding inside the skull, and underwent surgery to remove the hematoma. His course of treatment has been complicated, requiring both a tracheostomy and gastrostomy tube, both of which he still needs. Q. is now in inpatient rehabilitation and will be released in early July. His single mother works, but to be with Q. during his sudden hospitalization, she cut back on hours, severely impacting the family’s finances. Mom is in the process of applying for SSI, but until it is activated, the family needs financial assistance to catch up on overdue bills. ASRL responded quickly to the hospital social worker’s request to catch the family up on rent, and to make the car payment to keep the car in service so that Mom can commute to and from the hospital to be with her son.    


Levine Children’s Hospital, Charlotte, NC



Car payment

M., age 11, was diagnosed at birth with sickle cell disease. He is periodically hospitalized for sickle cell crises, and receives blood transfusions to maintain his health. There is no known cure for his disease.  M.’s single mother supports herself and three children as a nurse, and although the father is court-ordered to provide support, he has not made any financial contributions recently. When the family’s social worker reached out to ASRL requesting help with this month’s car payment, ASRL provided support immediately to keep the family’s transportation so that Mom can get to work and take her son for hospital follow up appointments.


Sickle Cell Association of Texas, Marc Thomas Foundation,