About Andre


Andre Sobel was a remarkable young man who had natural dignity, a promising future, and an unconventional sense of humor. Andre’s young life ended just one year after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was 19. He was the beloved son of Erwin and Valerie Sobel and brother to Simone.

Andre was well traveled, often seeking destinations that were frequented by his favorite authors, like  Rabelais, Samuel Beckett, St. Augustine and Franz Kafka.

The books Andre treasured were filled with his margin comments, underlinings, and asterisks, indicating his rich intellectual curiosity. But the finest of all his gifts were his qualities of mercy and compassion. To honor Andre and out of their deep love and respect for him, his family established the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation.

Erwin Sobel , his father died within a year of his son and their tragic deaths moved Valerie to help others who are going through what her family had to endure. 

Valerie Sobel  serves as President of the Foundation.