In the Spirit of the Holidays, Join us to Help a Family in Need.

"We cannot cure the child, but we can soften the crisis for the family." 

~ Valerie Sobel 

Valerie Sobel was able to stay by her son Andre's side for 437 days as he battled a terminal brain tumor.  She was fortunate to have the precious gift of time with her son.  

But other parents that Valerie saw in the hospital were not so lucky, and Valerie recognized their plight.  After Andre died, Valerie started the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation to give parents — especially single parents — the precious gift of time with their sick children.  She determined that ASRL would pay their urgent expenses so that they could be free to stay with their children full time. 

That was 17 years ago, and ASRL is still going strong — having provided more than $4M in payments since the year 2000.  That's thousands of parents staying with thousands of sick children, just like Valerie did for Andre. 

Especially this holiday season, the need to help a family is great and increasing.  Please help us celebrate #Giving Tuesday by and make a donation to ASRL so that we can continue to pay urgent expenses for the mothers and fathers who only want one thing — to be with their sick child. Parents like Andrea, whose only wish is to stay t her daughter's side. 

You are giving the greatest gift of all: the gift of time with a sick child. Thank you. 

“When Compassion can’t wait and single parent families are in despair, we help with urgent expenses
to allow these caregivers to stay at their child’s bedside during catastrophic illness.”

Our Goal: To respond in 24 hours, when all other resources are exhausted.

Our Belief: By caring for the caregiver, we care for the child. 

Contact us:  

by phone:  (310) 276-7111
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by mail:  The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation, P.O. Box 361460, Los Angeles CA 90036

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The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation (a 501(c)(3) public charity)